Youth Field Day – Saturday, July 26

Kids can learn about the great outdoors at the Youth Field Day at Mammoth Park on Saturday, July 26 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Youth Field Day is a free event sponsored by local volunteers, in conjunction with Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Puzzling Pension Vote Contradicts Strong Performance

Westmoreland County's pension fund almost never makes the news. It's rarely, if ever, controversial and certainly not political. The decisions we make are usually commonsense and straightforward. That's why my Commissioner colleagues' recent opposition to renewing a contract with our pension fund consultant was particularly puzzling, given that this consultant has a proven track record and is far and away the lowest cost.


August 17, 2014- A Toast to Festa Italiana in Vandergrift with Mayor Lou Purificato and Councilmen Frank "Beans" Molitierno and Brian Carricato.